About Marshall First Step

Marshall First Step Academy is a private early childhood education program designed for children ages three to five years. To enroll children must be three years of age and must be potty trained. There will be a maximum of sixteen students, with two teachers in each class.

Our Curriculum

At Marshall First Step Academy we strive to provide our students with an environment in which they can grow and develop as we prepare them for their later school experiences. Our curriculum addresses important readiness, early writing, literacy, and math skills. Children learn actively as they play, color, draw, count, build, and sing.

At Marshall First Step Academy your child will:

  • Develop social-emotional skills to support learning
  • Build physical coordination, strength, and crayon grip
  • Learn to recognize letters and numbers
  • Learn to write letters and numbers
  • Learn to ask and answer questions
  • Learn to sort objects by size, color, or other attributes
  • Learn to count, sort, and create patterns
  • And so much more!

Get Set for School Curriculum

We use the Get Set for School curriculum by Handwriting Without Tears. This award winning curriculum is developmentally appropriate and designed so that all children can thrive and build a strong foundation for Kindergarten. Get Set for School uses music and movement to engage children and help them develop good learning habits. Parents can visit getsetforschool.com to watch videos that demostrate what students are doing in the classroom and download activities to try at home.

First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond

Music is a big part of our classroom. While singing and movement activities are a part of our daily curriculum, more formal music lessons are taught once weekly using the First Steps in Music curriculum. The First Steps in Music curriculum is a musical workout that grows tuneful, beatful, and artful individuals. Students will sing, move, and play simple instruments to a rich repertoire of traditional and folk songs and rhymes.

Miss Cassie helping a student

Our Staff

Director/Lead Pre-K Teacher

Miss Cassie has always enjoyed working with young children. She decided in Kindergarten that she wanted to be a teacher. Marshall First Step Academy is her dream come true. Miss Cassie holds a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a master's degree in Early Childhood Education. She is certified in emergency first-aid and CPR. She worked in the public school system as a Title I teacher for four years. In Title I, Miss Cassie worked with students in Kindergarten, first, and second grades. Her experiences allowed her to see first-hand what is expected of students when they reach Kindergarten. Miss Cassie loves each of her students and is devoted to providing them with a quality education, giving them the tools and skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond.

Lead Preschool Teacher

Ms. Kara has always had a passion for working with young children and has been pursuing this dream since the age of thirteen. She received her bachelor's in Family and Consumer Sciences with a concentration in family services. She is certified in emergency first aid and CPR. She has worked in many different preschool and childcare centers. Most recently she worked as a Lead Child Specialist at the Crisis Nursery in Urbana, IL. There she worked with a number of families to help care for children during emergency situations and provided informational training for parent-child interactions. She is excited to now be the Lead Teacher in the Preschool Classroom where she works to provide her students with a fun and nurturing environment in which they can grow and learn.

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Connie loves working with young children. She has raised two of her own children. In fact, Miss Cassie is her oldest. After over twenty years in the insurance business, Marshall First Step Academy has provided Miss Connie with a welcome change. Ms. Connie enjoys singing and music. She uses her talents to assist with music and movement activities in the classroom. Ms. Connie is also certified in emergency first-aid and CPR. Ms. Connie works to provide support for each of her students as they learn and grow.

Assistant Teacher

After graduating from high school, Ms. Brooke worked in healthcare as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). She was trained and experienced at CPR, taking vitals, and has other medical credentials. In 2013, when her son was born, she decided to change her path to banking. During her time at the bank, she held positions as a teller, customer service representative, and manager. Although she enjoyed being a banker, she knew she had a passion for teaching children. Ms. Brooke enjoys teaching children vital skills, as well as games and activities. She wants to make learning fun and help her students prosper to their full potential.

Miss Cassie helping a student
Miss Cassie helping a student
Miss Cassie helping a student
Miss Cassie helping a student

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