“Marshall First Step Academy is certainly the place to send your preschooler if you want a top notch preschool experience! Miss Cassie is not only sweet and great with the children—she has a complete understanding of the developmental milestones of preschool children. She is so qualified and a great teacher! We, of course, love Miss Connie, too!” ~Steph

“I am so happy that my daughter is attending First Step Academy. I’m so proud of all the things she’s learned.” ~Mario

“Marshall First Step Academy is amazing. My child is not only growing academically, but emotionally and socially. Miss Cassie is truly exceptional and has taught my son how to learn and ask questions. This is an astonishing facility that Marshall is lucky to have.” ~Angie

"My twins looked forward to every day of school - always ready for their next learning adventure. Miss Cassie is an amazing teacher who built a strong educational foundation my children are eager to build upon." ~Leah

"Marshall First Step Academy has been a great experience for my child. My husband and I are amazed at how easily she adapted and how quickly she is learning. We love MFSA!" ~Joslyn

Miss Cassie helping a student

"Miss Cassie runs a top notch preschool program! She has complete knowledge of children and their developmental stages and social needs. Ms. Connie is so great with the children and an asset to Marshall First Step. I can't say enough about First Step! My child looked forward to going each day!" ~Steph

“We loved our time at First Step. Our son loved Miss Cassie and Ms. Connie. He went from barely knowing his letters by site to knowing all of them. The program is fantastic with the right balance of play centered learning with academic objectives. Wonderful program.” ~Stephanie

“Our daughter has grown and learned so much this year at Marshall First Step. The activities Miss Cassie plans are so fun that the kids don’t realize they are learning. Our daughter is looking forward to getting to attend school 5 days a week next year.” ~Tara

“We have been very happy with our children’s experiences at Marshall First Step. They have learned more than we expected, and have been more than ready for kindergarten. Miss Cassie and Miss Connie are excellent with the kids, and always put the kids’ interest first.” ~Stephanie

“Our daughter has loved coming to Marshall First Step the last two years! We couldn’t ask for a better learning environment for our preschooler! Miss Cassie and Miss Connie are the best!” ~Ashley

Miss Cassie helping a student

“Marshall First Step Academy has been a positive experience for my daughter. I feel she is ready socially and academically to enter kindergarten thanks to Miss Cassie and Miss Connie.” ~Nikki

“My husband and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the learning environment, facility, curriculum, teachers and affordable monthly tuition at First Step. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our daughter. Miss Cassie and Ms. Connie are absolutely wonderful! The only thing we would change is that we would have started our daughter sooner!! We highly recommend this program!” ~Aubrey

“Miss Cassie and Miss Connie exceed any expectations I had for my son. I’m so happy with the options and prices available for my family. My son grew leaps and bounds at Marshall First Step Academy.” ~Jennifer

“My child was behind in his speech when he started his 1st year. He was barely speaking in a full sentence. By the end of the school year his speech is flowing and he is happier now that he can express himself. Being in this loving, nurturing environment truly helped him grow with this. We couldn’t be more thankful.” ~Angie

“My child has really learned a lot since starting school at First Step Academy and enjoys going every day. It is great hearing all the new songs that we have learned from him teaching us too!” ~Mandi

Miss Cassie helping a student

“My daughter loves First Step Academy, teachers, and fellow students. She looks forward to going to school and has grown tremendously since the start of school. I would recommend this school to any parent wanting their child to have a high quality preschool education.” ~Jessica

“My child has enjoyed her time at First Step. She has gained so much from her social skills to school skills. She has made many friendships with the other students and of course her two teachers, Miss Cassie and Ms. Connie. We all will miss attending MFSA that is for sure. We recommend MFSA to anyone.” ~Lauren

“Marshall First Step is very welcoming and gives each student adequate time due to watching their numbers and separating the two age groups. My child feels very comfortable and can be himself.” ~Lesli

“Charlee has loved her time at Marshall First Step!! Miss Cassie and Miss Connie have been excellent in helping Charlee learn and grow in her education. She loves going to preschool and we love that she enjoys it so much!” ~Jenny

“Miss Cassie is a wonderful, caring and attentive person. Our son absolutely loves all the fun learning activities she has planned. He has learned a lot and we feel he will be going to kindergarten prepared.” ~Christi & Chris

“I am very glad that we picked Marshall First Step for my daughter’s preschool. She loves the teachers and has learned so much. I was nervous about her going to school and being away from me, but First Step is such a great place. I love that they keep the doors locked during class. Miss Cassie and Miss Connie are so nice and are great with the kids. It’s very clear that this was the best choice for us to enroll our daughter here and we will be sending our other kids her as well!” ~Lindsey
Miss Cassie helping a student

“I am so happy to have enrolled my child at Marshall First Step. She loves her teachers! She has learned so much from them and I feel she will be well prepared for kindergarten! I believe this is the best preschool in the area! I recommend it to everyone!” ~Brittani

“Miss Cassie and Ms. Connie are so fantastic with the kids. I can see the growth my daughter has made since starting in the fall. One of the things I like the most is the amount of creative free play the kids receive. It is so necessary and often under utilized—but not at First Step. They truly know what the students need and they provide it in every way!” ~Steph

“I am so happy that we decided to have Kale attend Marshall First Step Academy. Kale has learned so much and has grown into such an eager to learn young man! I know that he is more than ready to head to kindergarten thanks to Miss Cassie and Ms. Connie. I can’t wait to watch Kolton (Kale’s little brother) grow as Kale did.” ~Mika

“Our experience with Marshall First Step Academy has been outstanding! Miss Cassie, Miss Connie, and the program they have has completely turned our oldest son’s outlook on school around in such a short amount of time. He is always excited to go and comes home every day with stories about what they did and what he learned. As soon as our youngest is old enough he will be attending also!” ~Josh and Cortney

“Vera has really enjoyed her time at Marshall First Step, and has learned so much. I look forward to sending my other two children in the future. Miss Cassie is a wonderful teacher.” ~Tara

Miss Cassie helping a student

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